Below are listed the new fragrance names (first) and the corresponding old fragrance name (second), if applicable. 

Autumn Moonlight (new) - Vamp-Purr (old)

Bonfire Smoak (new) - Salem 1692 (old)

Cozy By The Fire (new) - new release

Baptism of October (new) - Witchcraft (old)

Seeking the Successive Autumns (new) - November Rain (old)

The Magic of Fall - new release

Malum Malus - same

Nevermore - same

Lavender & Smoke - new release

Sleepy Hollow - same

All Hallows' Eve - same

Serendipity - new release

Moustache (new) - HH Holmes (old)

Espionage & Intrigue (new) - Dahmer (old)

Black Absinthe - same

Cozy by the Fire - new release

Pink (new) - Pink... It's Like Red But Not Quite (old)

Yen - same

Geralt - same

Pinup Girl (new) - Final Girl (old)

NYC Rain - new release

Ancient Forests - new release

A Victorian Christmas (new) - Krampus (old)

Festivus - new release