Our wax melts are made from the same vegan soy wax and fragrance oils that our candles are made from. Use in any tea light or electric wax melter that is approved for burning wax melts. Our wax melts melt faster than other melts since we use a softer wax, therefore they release the fragrance more quickly. And because it's soy wax, it will last longer than other waxes. And as always, our ingredients are non-toxic. When your wax is spent and no longer smells good, you can put the bowl to your wax melter in the freezer for about 10 minutes and then pop out the old wax, or do what I do and just pour the warm wax in any trash receptacle (just please don't burn yourself!). Also, please remember that wax melts perform in part based on the type of wax melter you use. We use electric ones, and our wax melts work great in them. But different types of wax melters perform differently, so judge based on what type of wax melter you use.